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Emulsion Transfer is an interesting instant process.  Images are  created by literally  removing the emulsion from the substrate of a  peel apart print.  This  removed emulsion can be squished around like a thin slice of Jell-O, only Jell-O  with an image in it.  A very interesting, easy to do & unique  process.


Step one:  Process print  the full 60 to 90 seconds. 

Step two:  Prepare one tray with 140 degree F water & the second  tray with room temperature water.  Next, place a sheet of acetate or Mylar in  the bottom of the room temperature tray.

Step three:  Take your print & immerse in the hot tray of water  for several  minutes until the emulsion starts to “bubble” off.  Next, remove the print using tongs & place in cold water  tray.

Step four:  With the print in the cold water, begin removing the emulsion  from the print by gently pushing the edges of the print toward its center.       (See A) Once it releases, (See B) carefully turn the emulsion  upside down in the water & discard the paper from the tray. (See C)

Step five: With your fingers, grab the acetate on the bottom of the tray  at the same time with the just removed emulsion goo.  Carefully bring the  emulsion/acetate sandwich in and out of the water until most of the wrinkles in  the materials flatten out.     (See D) You can work with the image now until  you are satisfied with its look.  Remove the sandwich from the water & with  the acetate on the top, (See E) place on the surface that you intend the  image to rest.

Step six: Carefully remove the acetate from the image.  Now you can  again manipulate the image with your fingers, moving it around the surface on  the new surface.  Then gently roll the image with the brayer to remove all air  bubbles & excess water. Hang the image up to dry. (See F & G)

Step seven: Flatten image & if desired, manipulate with pastels,  watercolors or other pigments or pencils.  Protect from UV exposure.